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Brenda Winter - Qest4 Certified Technician

In the early 1990’s I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease that prevented me from continuing my career, working or living a fulfilling life. Pain control is what western medicine offered me. 


I researched alternative treatments that would help me regain my health. It was a long, surreptitious road, but I succeeded and returned to an abundant career, a fulfilling life style and retired at a normal age.


During the process of researching alternative treatments I was forced to educate myself first of all; in how the body functions, how each system depends on the other to perform its function and the numerous outside influences that affect the normal functioning of the body. 


I also learned that our bodies are amazing and come with an innate desire and ability to heal given the opportunity.


Studying the body and what influences our health has become a passion for me. I am grateful for my health and have found a way to give back to the universe.

Body Wisdom Tree Technician Brenda Winter
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