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Scalar Spa Sessions


  • Scalar Spa Session - It includes 40 minutes on the Scalar Pad. Scalar Wave Lasers have been designed as a line of cold lasers to assist the process of cellular regeneration.  C$ 70.00

  • Combine a Scalar Spa Session with a 45 min Infrared sauna for C$100.00

  • Buy a group of 3 Scalar Spa Sessions for C$185.00


A few key points to know about the Scalar technology:  


#1.  This cold laser has the ability to unwind Shift the Body from your 'Sympathetic' Nervous System (Stress, Go, Go, Go) to your 'Parasympathetic' Nervous System (Peace & Bliss, a feeling of Euphoria).


#2 Re-Sets Cellular Memory (old injuries or Emotional Trauma), Depression, Pain Relief


#3.  Increases Blood Flow & Circulation.


#4.  Decreases Inflammation. It can be used to effectively reduce the severity of injuries and greatly speed recovery


#5.  Lowers Blood Pressure (as high blood pressure starts with Stress and excess adrenaline in the body).


#6.  Increases your Cellular Voltage (we should have between 70-90 millivolts of electricity in our cells for optimal health).  People that are really not well have ~15-20 millivolts or less


#7.  Works Systemically throughout the body (the skin & soft tissue, down to the organs and deep into the bones and along the spine increasing blood flow.

More information:

The Unwind protocol is the underlying essence of much of the Scalar Wave Laser approach. It is our view that the nervous system and cranial system holds stress and tension in the form of cellular memory.


In order to systematically unwind and clear this stress and tension this protocol goes straight to the cranio-sacral system, the glands and the subtle field surrounding the body (which we refer to as the quantum field).  The adrenals, in particular, hold a lot of stress and tension and are very good accessible points to start the deep relaxation process.  

The sacrum, cranium and the sternum are other areas which access the larger rhythm of the body and induce a deep relaxation affect with the laser.

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