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The Master Library in the Qest4 system includes more than 45,000 healing frequencies, food and environmental sensitivity frequencies, and pathology frequencies from 40 different countries around the globe.


In the 1940’s Dr Reinhard Voll, a German physician became disgruntled with main stream medicine because he felt he was not treating the root cause of his patients’ health challenges. He became interested in the Chinese Meridian Systems. Through his research he established that when the flow of energy through these meridians was healthy, the same amount of energy that went into the meridians, came out of the meridians. Any variation to this, meant the patient had inflammatory, toxic or stressed organs and glands. He became so successful at treating patients he was asked to speak at universities regarding this treatment.

Bio Resonance testing or MSA testing is a result of his work.


In 1976 Dr Fuller Royal and Floyd Weston asked Joe and his son Mark to develop a system based on this theory with reproducible results. It wasn’t until they discovered capacity, resistance, time and the frequency of every organ and system in the body, and included those in the equation, that they were able to get

accurate readings.

In 1978 a device was developed, in 2002 improvements were made and the device was called Asyra, then in 2015 the Qest4 blue tooth was born. A long the way, various names were given to this system that is now called Qest4.

Meridian Stress Assessment History

Meridian Stress Analysis History

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