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Here are some testimonials of happy clients sharing their experience on their treatments.  If you would like to share your testimonial, please email it by clicking here.

Thank you !

  "I always say “you don’t know what you don’t know”. We have all been to the mechanics shop and scanned our vehicles using the latest in technology to tell us what’s wrong and finally now the same is true for the human body.

  For over 6 months I have been able to find out the cause of my type 1 diabetes and treat the core issues and have never felt better. I’m well on my way to achieving normal health and would highly recommend Body Wisdom to anyone who has questions about their health like I did. There are answers."

Jason Aschenbrenner

  "Since we have started the homeopathic remedies my pup George is eating better than he ever has. I put his remedies on his food and he scarfs it right down. I'm seeing a bit more glimmer in his life. He started giving me kisses again and snuggling. It has been months since he's been feeling up to any of these things.

  I just want you to know how incredibly grateful I am that the universe put your info in front of me.  Wishing you a beautiful blessed day. Thank you again :)"


 "My dog went through a detox stage with greyish white poop, then a super hyper stage with gobs of untamed energy and barking. After 4 - 5 days he settled down. He has had no fainting episodes or running into walls so far. Between you and my vet, we now have hope that Cooley will live a full life."

Pam M WA

  "Brenda at Body Wisdom has helped me immensely! I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 4 years, have seen  a multitude of orthopedic surgeons, family doctors, rheumatologist and have never been able to achieve any manageable pain relief even with the use of anti-inflammatory and opioids.

  After a 3-part series of drops, my pain reduced by 80%,even as a conservative estimate. I have not needed to start the prednisone or anti-rheumatoid drugs that my doctor was recommending and I no longer take any opioid medication to control my pain. Brenda has helped me to enjoy a much improved quality of life and allowed me to continue working full time, which I was not certain I was going to be able to do.

  All services provided were done via e-mail and mail using a hair sample as the testing material. Any questions or concerns I had were always responded in a professional, timely manner. I would recommend Body Wisdom to anyone."


  “I have completed the drops and I feel like a new person! I would like to send you another hair sample for a follow up”


"I met Brenda when I was going through a variety health issues.  As I was starting perimenopause, I noticed my body changed in so many ways.. when I got my analysis I was shocked to know I was full of heavy metals and with perimenopause kicking in, I had no energy, no concentration, heavy periods (due to fibroids) and horrible moods.   With Brenda’s homeopathic remedies my body changed unbelievably, the heavy metals decreased and my energy came back.  I believe that the regular doctors or blood test don’t really go deep into any health issue till it is too late.  The analysis you get with Brenda goes deep into your body and finds out the real source of your problem.  I highly recommend everyone to try this amazing analysis and remedies to improve your health at any age.  I am happy that going through this inevitable change of my life (menopause), I can live it in a healthy and peaceful way.  Thank you so much!"

Lilia, Calgary

"My family doctor reached out to me today to let me know that my blood work is the best it has been since 2015! He said to keep doing what I’m doing – Thank you for the custom homeopathic remedies."

BE, Canmore

"The meridian stress analysis tool and the remedies that have been imprinted to the frequencies required by my specific body are amazing. I was at a point where traditional medicine could not resolve my issues or even define the problem. I cannot say I have defined a specific problem but I am recovering and am 400% better than I was at the low point I am operating at about 75% of where I think I would like to be. Brenda is a remarkable practitioner of this technology and I am thankful for having discovered her."

John, Calgary

Brenda was a wealth of knowledge and is extremely easy to talk to. I found the whole experience enlightening and worth the time to visit. I will certainly be continuing this process.

Dale, Calgary

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