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The Meridian Stress Assessment System

Meridian Stress testing is administered as a microamp current that is sent through the body’s meridian pathways and is captured through data access points on the hands. The meridians, or energetic pathways, create a network through which an assessment of the functional status of your body can be made. 

The computer-based Qest4 system, measures energy levels of organs, glands and systems such as the endocrine, nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive and skeletal; all which relate to the body meridians. The resulting reports, analysis and information provide invaluable information about your body’s stresses.

Meridian Stress Assessment functions best as a complimentary addition to general pathological diagnostics. 

Custom homeopathic remedies are imprinted using the system’s master library of over 45,000 healing frequencies plus food and environmental sensitivity frequencies.

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If you're concerned about inherited weaknesses, preventative care, alternative natural  healing methods and longevity, you will find that your Meridian Stress Assessment is a unique resource of information that can direct you onto a path to wellness.

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