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We have many products to support your choice of a healthy life style. The products we carry are of the highest quality and are sourced for their purity and effectiveness.

Natural Solutions is a line of Vitamins, Herbs & Homeopathics that were specially formulated in by a Naturopath and created based on years of clinical experience. These are not available from any other local source.  

Avena Originals are sourced locally and chosen for their purity, simplicity and quality. They focus on the basics of digestion, elimination and internal cleansing.

Other herbal tinctures are often used to combine the effectiveness of the herb with the state of homeostasis for optimal healing.


MSA Testing of your supplements and medical prescriptions

If you would like feedback on whether your body can or is utilizing the supplements in your current health regime, bring them along to your MSA Testing appointment and we will assist in determining which products are right for you at this time and the dose that your body currently requires. We provide this up to a maximum of 10 supplements or prescription medications.

Body Wisdom Supplements
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