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How to Collect Hair or Nail Samples

Preferable Method - take a small pinch of hair from the ends of your hair and cut it off.

Alternative Method - cut 4 or 5 fingernails or toenails.


    Place Hair or Nail samples in a small Ziploc bag.

    Write your name and Date of Birth on a label

Mail sample and forms as soon possible. Samples are best ASAP and best up to 20 days after collection.

Our mailing address is:

Body Wisdom 1413 - 8th Avenue SE, Calgary,

Alberta Canada, T2G ON1

Body Wisdom Tree Forms

All information is used for Body Wisdom Tree purposes only and confidentiality is protected.

Health Assessment

   Complete to the best of your ability to identify

your major symptoms.

   Fill out the form digitally, save and email back to us.

Or download the form, then print and complete it.

Then scan and email or mail the printed copy back to us.


Important - include an email address where your scan reports are to be sent. Also include a shipping address where your homeopathic remedies are to be delivered.


   To be signed by client or, where applicable, client guardian.

Can be printed and returned to us for an in-person appointment, returned to us via mail or completed online.



  •    The three scan reports along with a short analysis and recommendation for future wellness will be sent to the email address you provided.

  •    The reports will be in pdf format.


  • The custom homeopathic imprints will be prepared and couriered to your shipping address shortly after our receipt of your hair or nail samples and forms.

  • These remedies will be formulated specifically for you based on the Qest4 system recommendations and are meant to shift your energetic dis-resonance to a state of “homeostasis” to provide your body the opportunity to detox and heal.

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